The only consistent feature of reality is its general increase in complexity and strangeness over time. Reality today is becoming increasingly occult. This fact has nothing to do with dusty ancient manuscripts, demons escaped from excavated relics, or angry ghosts. Rather it is the corporate boards, the priests of high technologies, and financial wizards of today who are creating a new dawn of occultism behind closed doors.
  Occultism is the study of the hidden. While the practical mechanics of everyday life are systematically hidden and taken over by experts, simultaneously we are each invited to participate in a freer, more democratic, and interactive world. However the world we are invited to participate in is nothing but a screen. A vast screening process is now in operation, a form of brutal intraspecies competition imposed on humanity by itself. Some ascend to become like gods, capable of purchasing any experience while living inside towers of luxury, while others are forced into a life of industrial servitude. The human species has triumphed and is now turning its evil eye on itself: beware of humans.
  The friendly gestures of dog-pack solidarity which were once useful in the course of human evolution are now cynically exploited. Our best instincts are used against us. Social instincts are funneled into various social media which act as nets to capture valuable consumer data. Dematerialization is offered as an economic and spiritual ideal: paper money is replaced with digital currency, and soon an immortal existence as a databank will be seen as preferable to a life trapped inside a human body.
  However, Antibody Corporation believes the future is physical, and engages in physical work to ensure an embodied tomorrow. ORC, the Occult Research Commission, has been created under the aegis of the Corporation for the furtherance of occult research in the year 2013 and beyond. It will operate according to the principles inherent in its logo:

The O overlaid with a grid represents our new global reality. The R is in the form of the rune Raido, representing travel. The C is cut through with a spear, creating a Cent glyph. ORC is concerned with making sense of our global situation, using consciousness to travel to every coordinate on the globe to institute the Law of Research.
    – from "General Principles of ORC Design"

  Let ¢ be the sign of occult research, the result of the company's alchemical work.   The company is in the business of creating bodies that are worth something – successful mutations. Let's not let the human body fall behind current strides in spiritual and technological progress.
  It's time to knock on closed doors, to institute board rooms of our own, and unlock the hidden potential of our species' genetics by our own efforts. Those who regard power and money as evils will surely be denied their freedom, and those who avoid technology will become as machines. Reality is the new occult. It's time to decide what kind of demon you will become.